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China HS code: 2931909026 goods information

Chapter                   Chapter 29; Organic chemicals
Heading           Heading 2931 : Other organo-inorganic compounds
HS code 2931909026 Article: 4-Nitrophenylarsonic acid, 2-aminophenylarsonic acid(para-nitrotoluene arsonic acid, o-phenetidine arsonic acid); 4-Ου»ω±½λΟΛα,2-°±»ω±½λΟΛα;ΆΤΟυ»ω±½λΟΛα,ΑΪ°±»ω±½λΟΛα

Customs & CIQ Supervision requirements Supervision Code Supervision description Application Guide
China Customs Management X
Import Commodity Inspection
by CIQ ( China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau )
Units of measure 035, ‘‘
Customs Declaration Elements ‘‘

Import Tariff & Tax Item Rates Applicable ? Applicable Country
General Duty 30.00%
One of the applicable rate
Non-MFN Applicable
MFN Duty 6.50% Most-favored Nations
MFN Annual Interim Import Duty Annual Interim Duty for MFN
FTA Conventional Duty Free Trade Area Duty Lookup
LDCs Preferential Duty 0% Least Developed Countries
Import Consumption Tax  All Countries Applicable
Import VAT 17.00% All Countries Applicable
Note: If exporting country is classified to multi-tariff class, then the lowest import duty rates is Applicable.

Export Tariff & Tax Item Rates Applicable ? Applicable Country
Export Duty 0.00% . China
Annual Interim Export Duty China
Export VAT 17.00% China
Export VAT Rebate 0.00% China

Web Retail Import Tax Item
(Cross Border e-Commerce)
Rates Applicable ? Applicable Country
Import Duty All Countries
Import Excise Tax  All Countries
Import VAT All Countries
Note: If there's no tax rates display, it may mean this commodity isn't in the permit list of Cross Border E-Commerce web retail way.‘‘

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