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Customs Supervision Documentations CIQ Supervision of Inspection Quarantine
• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
• Documentation's Issuing authorities, legal basis, application dossiers, procedure, cost, time and guide etc.
• Detail information about the regulation and import requirements
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.10720  8436800001 Forage cutting feeders 青储饲料切割上料机;

    No.2377  2846109090 Other ceric compounds 铈的其他化合物;



    No.2054  2804500010 Boron and its alloys, granularity<500μm(containing more than 97% by weight of boron whether in the form of spheroid, ellipsoid, flakes, atomized or pulverized metallic fuel) 颗粒<500μm的硼及其合金;含量≥97%,不论球形,椭球体,雾化,片状,研碎金属燃料


    No.2784  2915701000 Stearic acid( purity of 90% or more in dried weight) 硬脂酸;以干燥重量计,纯度在90%及以上



    No.6511  5509620000 Yarn of acrylic or modacrylic staple fibre mixed with cotton(mix means containing less than 85% weight of acrylic or modacrylic staple fibre), not for retail sale 非零售与棉混纺腈纶短纤纱线;混纺指按重量计聚丙烯腈及其变性短纤含量在85%以下

    No.5354  4805911000 Paper for electrolytic capacitor(weighing not more than 150g/㎡, in rolls or sheets) 电解电容器原纸;每平方米重量≤150克,成卷或成张的

    No.751  0704902000 Broccolis(Brassica oleraceavar.italica), fresh or chilled 鲜或冷藏的西兰花;西兰花,又称青花菜、绿菜花,属十字花科芸苔属甘蓝变种。



    No.12966  9401690010 Seats, with other endangered wood frames 其他濒危木框架的坐具;



    No.6533  5512190020 Blue denim, of poyester staple fibres, containing 85% or more by weight of polyester staple fibres 聚酯短纤蓝粗斜纹布;纯聚酯布指按重量计聚酯短纤含量在85%及以上

    No.2246  2833250000 Copper sulphate 铜的硫酸盐;

    No.3503  2934200090 Other Compounds containing in the structure a benzothiazole ring-system 其他含一个苯并噻唑环系的化合物;

    No.12078  8702903000 Passenger buses, with non compression- ignition internal combustion piston engine , 10-19 seats 10≤座≤19装有非压燃式活塞内燃发动机的客车;



    No.11374  8487900000 Other machinery parts, not containing electrical connectors insulators, coils, contacts or other electrical features, not specified or included elsewhere in this Chopter 本章其他编号未列名的机器零件;不具有电气接插件、绝缘体、线圈或其他电气器材特征的

    No.11029  8460390000 Other sharpening machines for working metal(including for working cermets) 加工金属的其他刃磨机床;含加工金属陶瓷



    No.2366  2844409090 Other radioactive elements and isotopes and compounds, other than those of subheading No.2844.10, 2844.20 or 2844.30 其他放射性元素、同位素及其化合物;子目284410,284420,284430以外的放射性元素,同位素


    No.10657  8430502000 Mining power shovels 矿用电铲;

    No.4367  3824909901 Titanium slag (containing more than 70% by weight of titanium dioxide) 高钛渣;二氧化钛质量百分含量>70%的

    No.6349  5407740000 Other woven fabrics, printed, containing 85% or more by weight of synthetic filaments 印花的其他纯合纤长丝布;纯合纤布指按重量计其他合成纤维长丝含量≥85%

    No.10869  8446303000 Carrier looms for weaving fabrics of a width exceeding 30cm 织物宽度>30cm的片梭织机;



    No.9833  7612100000 Collapsible tubular containers, of aluminum 铝制软管容器;

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