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Import Supervision of China  
Customs Supervision Documentations CIQ Supervision of Inspection Quarantine
• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
• Documentation's Issuing authorities, legal basis, application dossiers, procedure, cost, time and guide etc.
• Detail information about the regulation and import requirements
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.9493  7229909000 Wire of other alloy steel: 其他合金钢丝;

    No.5377  4810310090 Kraft paper and paperboard, bleached, coated with inorganic substances, weighing not more than 150g/㎡, containing wood fibres obtained by a chemical process 涂无机物的薄漂白牛皮纸及纸板;薄纸指重量≤150克/平米,含用化学方法制得的木纤维

    No.11808  8529904100 Parts for television cameras Of special purposes (including parts for video camera recorders and digital cameras) 特种用途的电视摄像机等设备用零件;也包括视频摄录一体机、数字照相机的零件

    No.7764  6112120029 Knitted or crocheted women’s or girls’ track suits, of synthetic fibres 合纤制针织或钩编女式运动套装;

    No.11132  8470900000 accounting machines, postage-franking machines,ticket-is-suing machines and similar machines 会计计算机,邮资盖戳机,售票机及类似机器;

    No.563  0308901200 Clamworm, live, fresh, chilled,not for cultivation 活、鲜或冷的沙蚕,种苗除外;



    No.7784  6113000013 Garments, of artificial fibres, of wool or fine animal hair, of man-made fibres, treated with plastics (made up of knitted or crocheted fabrics , surface of fabrics totally covered with plastics) 用塑料处理的毛、棉及化纤制服装;针织或钩编毛指羊动物细毛织物外表面由塑料完全覆盖

    No.8283  6206200010 Women’s or girls' shirts(size 7-16) , of wool or fine animal hair 毛制女成人及7-16号女童衬衫;



    No.1833  2513200000 Emery, natural corundum, narural garnet and other natural abrasives 刚玉岩、天然刚玉砂等天然磨料;包括天然石榴石及其他天然磨料

    No.4634  4008290000 Rods and profile shapes of non cellular rubber 非海绵硫化橡胶型材、异型材及杆;

    No.6964  5703100000 Carpets and other floor coverings of wool , including those of fine animal hair, tufted, whether or not made up 羊毛簇绒地毯及其他簇绒铺地制品;包括动物细毛制,不论是否制成

    No.9453  7224901000 Raw casting forging stocks, individual piece weight of 10t or more 粗铸锻件坯;单件重量在10吨及以上

    No.6976  5801220000 Cut corduroy , other than fabrics of heading No.58.02 or 58.06 割绒的棉制灯芯绒;品目5802或5806的织物除外

    No.11726  8523591000 Other semiconductor media, Unrecorded 其他未录制的半导体媒体;

    No.4735  4103901100 Dried hides and skins of goats , have undergone a reversible tanning process, other than those excluded by Note 1(c)to this chapter: 退鞣山羊板皮;本章注释一(三)所述不包括的生皮除外



    No.5282  4702000090 Other Chemical wood pulp, dissolving grades 其他化学木浆,溶解级;

    No.11699  8522902100 Transport mechanisms of cassette magnetic tape recorders, whether or not incorporating a magnetic head 录音机走带机构(机芯);不论是否装有磁头

    No.11695  8521909010 Metal master disc production equipments (no matter whetheror not incorporated with a high-frequency tuned amplifier) 用于光盘生产的金属母盘生产设备;不论是否装有高频调谐放大器



    No.2068  2804690000 Other silicon, containing by weight less than 99.99% of silicon 其他含硅量<99.99%的硅;

    No.3038  2922299090 Other Amino-naphthols and amino-phenols, other than those containing more than one kind of oxygen function, their ethers and esters; salts thereof 其他氨基(萘酚.酚)及醚.酯;包括它们的盐, 但含有一种以上含氧基的除外

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