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• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.9178  7103994000 Nephrite 经其他加工的软玉;未成串或镶嵌

    No.11210  8477101090 Other working plastics machines 其他注塑机;

    No.4735  4103901100 Dried hides and skins of goats , have undergone a reversible tanning process, other than those excluded by Note 1(c)to this chapter: 退鞣山羊板皮;本章注释一(三)所述不包括的生皮除外



    No.5464  4911999000 other 其他印刷品;印有自动数据处理设备用程序的纸张除外

    No.1546  1902110000 Uncooked pasta, not stuffed or otherwise prepared, containing eggs 未包馅或未制作的含蛋生面食;



    No.989  0812900090 Other fruit and nuts, provisionally preserved by sulphur dioxide gas or in brine, or in other preservative solutions, but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption 暂时保存的其他水果及坚果;用二氧化硫气体,盐水等物质处理,但不适于直接食用的



    No.8900  6506100010 Protective mask (with filter, which can filtered biological factors) 防护罩;带有能够滤除生物因子滤器的面罩


    No.13025  9405500000 Non-electrical lamps and lighting fittings 非电气灯具及照明装置;

    No.4010  3209100090 其他溶于水介质的聚丙烯酸油漆及清漆;以聚丙烯酸或聚乙烯为基本成分的(包括瓷漆及大漆)



    No.2054  2804500010 Boron and its alloys, granularity<500μm(containing more than 97% by weight of boron whether in the form of spheroid, ellipsoid, flakes, atomized or pulverized metallic fuel) 颗粒<500μm的硼及其合金;含量≥97%,不论球形,椭球体,雾化,片状,研碎金属燃料


    No.10067  8211950000 Handles of base metal 贱金属制的刀柄;

    No.2449  2853009090 Other inorganic compounds, compressed air(including conductivity water, liquid air, amalgams, other than amalgamms of precious metals) 其他无机化合物、压缩空气等;包括导电水、液态空气、汞齐等,贵金属汞齐除外

    No.2050  2804290000 Other rare gases 其他稀有气体;

    No.2482  2902909090 Other aromatic hydrocarbons 其他芳香烃;

    No.11131  8470509000 Other cash registers 其他现金出纳机;

    No.4637  4009210000 Tubes, pipes and hoses, of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber, reinforced or otherwise combined only with metal , Without fittings 加强或只与金属合制的硫化橡胶管;不带附件、硬质橡胶除外

    No.821  0711909000 Other vegetables, mixtures of vegetables, provisionally preserved(by sulphur dioxide gas or in other preservative solutions,but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption) 暂时保藏的其他蔬菜及什锦蔬菜;用二氧化硫气体等物质处理,但不适于直接食用的



    No.12265  8708309500 Brakes and parts there Of the vehicles of subheadings No. 8704.2240,8704.2300 and 8704.3240 柴、汽油型重型货车用制动器及其零件;指编号87042240,87042300及87043240所列车辆用


    No.11959  8543201000 Universal signal generators, with a frequency range of less than 1500MHz 输出信号频率<1500Mhz的通用信号发生器;

    No.2584  2905130000 Butan-l-ol(n-butyl alcohol) 正丁醇;



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