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Import Supervision of China  
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• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.1671  2009500000 Tomato juice, unfermented and not containing added spirit, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter 番茄汁;未发酵及未加酒精的,不论是否加糖或其他甜物质



    No.1102  1008901000 other cereals for Seed 其他种用谷物;



    No.1870  2524100000 Crocidolite 青石棉;


    No.12947  9306900010 Missiles and parts thereof under control of sensitive item(capable of throwing payload over 500kg to 300km above) 两用物项管制的导弹及其零件;能把500千克以上有效载荷投掷到300千米以上的


    No.10189  8409911000 Parts for marine propulsion engines , suitable for use solely or principally with the marine propulsion engines of heading No.84.07 or 84.08 船舶用点燃式发动机专用零件;指专用于或主要用于点燃式活塞内燃发动机的

    No.7497  6105200011 Knitted or crocheted men’s shirts of man-made fibres, containing 23% or more of wool, without stitched collar, including boys’, size 8-18 化纤制针织或钩编男衬衫;含羊毛23%及以上,不带缝制领,包括男童8-18号

    No.1886  2529210000 Fluorspar, containing by weight 97% or less of calcium fluoride 按重量计氟化钙含量≤97%的萤石;


    No.1449  1604111000 Atlantic salmon, prepared or preserved, whole or in pieces, but not minced 制作或保藏的大西洋鲑鱼;整条或切块,但未绞碎



    No.7001  5802302000 Tufted textile fabrics of wool or fine animal hair, other than products of heading No. 57.03 羊毛或动物细毛制簇绒织物;品目5703的产品除外

    No.8062  6203429061 Men’s trousers and breeches, of cotton, industrial and occupational use, other than playsuit, without thermal lining 棉制男成人长裤、马裤;非游戏装,不带防寒衬里,工业及职业用

    No.8990  6812800000 Asbestos or mixtures with a basis of asbestos, of crocidolite 青石棉或青石棉混合物及其制品;包含服装、衣着附件、帽及鞋靴、毡子、接合纤维及其他青石棉制品

    No.1189  1208900000 Flours and meals of other oil seeds or oleaginous fruits, other than those of mustard 其他含油子仁或果实的细粉及粗粉;芥子粉除外



    No.9096  7011909000 Other glass envelopes, open, and glass parts thereof, without fittings 其他类似品用未封口玻璃外壳零件;未装有配件

    No.13068  9506210000 Sailboards 帆板;

    No.7912  6201190029 Men’s or boys’ overcoats, cloaks and similar articles of other textile materials(including car-coats, capes, containing less than 70% by weight of silk) 其他材料制男大衣、斗篷及类似品;含短大衣、斗篷、短斗篷,含丝<70%

    No.9910  8104902090 Other masnesium articles 其他镁制品;

    No.7902  6201129020 Men’s or boys’ hooded parka, of cotton (including anoraks, wind-cheaters, windjackets and similar articles) 棉制男式连风帽派克大衣等;含带风帽的防寒短上衣、防风衣、防风短上衣及类似品

    No.1688  2101300000 Roasted chicory and other roasted coffee substitutes, and extracts, essences and concentrates thereof 烘焙咖啡代用品及其浓缩精汁;



    No.3340  2933199090 Other compounds containing an unfused pyrazole ring in the structure 其他结构上有非稠合吡唑环化合物;

    No.1664  2009290000 Grapefruit(including pomelo) juices, of a Brix value exceeding 20,unfermented and not containing added spirit, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter 白利糖浓度超过20的葡萄柚(包括柚)汁;未发酵及未加酒精的,不论是否加糖或其他甜物质



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