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• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.5593  5111199000 Woven fabrics of carded wool weighing more than 300 g/m2, containing 85% or more by weight of wool 每平米重>300克羊毛机织物;按重量计粗梳羊毛含量≥85%

    No.1128  1104199010 Rolled or flaked maize(corn) 滚压或制片的玉米;



    No.5535  5102199010 Fine hair of other endangered wild animals, not carded or combeb 未梳的其他濒危野生动物细毛;



    No.1395  1515903000 Tung oil and its fractions, whether or not refined, but not chemically modified 桐油及其分离品;不论是否精制,但未经化学改性



    No.6477  5504102910 High wet modulus viscose of wood,not carded,not flame retardancy(wet strength≥2.0cn/dtex,drystrength≥3.0cn/dtex,dry elongation>14%,wet elongation>18%,fibrouseness0.89-2.67dtex) 高湿模量未梳木制非阻燃粘胶纤维(湿强≥2.0cn/dtex,干强≥3.0cn/dtex);干伸>14%,湿伸>18%,纤度0.89~2.67dtex

    No.5595  5111200090 Other woven fabrics of carded wool or of other carded animal hair, mixed with man-made filaments, containing less than 85% by weight of wool and fine animal hair 与化纤长丝混纺其他粗梳毛机织物;羊毛或动物细毛含量<85%

    No.8768  6304931000 Other embroidered furnishing articles of synthetic fibres, not knitted or crocheted 合成纤维制其他刺绣装饰制品;指非针织非钩编装饰制品

    No.1364  1508100000 Crude ground-nut oil, but not chemically modified 初榨的花生油;但未经化学改性



    No.4213  3703209000 Other photographic textiles for colour photography(polychrome), unexposed, other than photographic textiles in rolls of a width exceeding 610mm 未曝光的彩色感光布;成卷的宽幅感光布除外

    No.1363  1507900000 Other Soya-bean oil and its fractions(including fractions of crude soya-bean oil, not chemically modified) 精制的豆油及其分离品;包括初榨豆油的分离品,但未经化学改性



    No.12238  8706003000 Chassis fitted with engines, For passenger motor vehicles with 30 seats or more 大型客车底盘;装有发动机的


    No.11782  8528711000 Colour satellite television receivers (not designed to incorporate a video display or screen) 彩色的卫星电视接收机;在设计上不带有视频显示器或屏幕的



    No.5637  5205270000 Single yarn, of combed fibres, not put up for retail sale, measuring less than 106.38 decitex but not less than 83.33 decitex(exceeding 94 metric number but not exceeding 120 metric nunber), containing 85% or more by weight of cotton 非零售精梳超特细支纯棉单纱;超特细支指单纱细度在83.33-106.38分特之间,含棉≥85%

    No.9722  7409900000 Plates, sheets and strip , of other copper alloys, of a thickness exceeding 0.15mm 其他铜合金板、片、带;厚度>0.15mm

    No.9711  7408221000 Wire of copper-nickel-zinc base alloys(nickel silver) 铜镍锌铅合金(加铅德银)丝;

    No.4883  4303900090 Other articles of furskin of other animals 其他毛皮制物品;

    No.5277  4602193000 Basketwork and other articles of osier 柳条编制的篮筐及其他制品;



    No.1425  1602329100 Other prepared or preserved chicken breast filets (other than that of chapter 2,3) 其他方法制作或保藏的鸡胸肉;第2、3章所列方法制作或保藏的除外



    No.6261  5402512000 Single yarn of nylon-6, 6, with a twist exceeding 50 turns/m, not put up for retail sale 聚酰胺-6,6纺制的单纱;指捻度每米超过50转,尼龙-66, 非供零售用

    No.2496  2903291000 3-Chloro-1-propene(Chloropropene) 3-氯-1-丙烯(氯丙烯);

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