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• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.3969  3204159000 Other reductive dyes and preparations based thereon 其他还原染料及以其为基本成分品;包括颜料用的

    No.8253  6205300099 Other men’s shirts of man-made fibres 化纤制其他男成人衬衫;



    No.12840  9101199000 Other Wrist-watches ,electrically operated, With case of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal 其他贵金属电子手表;表壳用贵金属或包贵金属制成的

    No.7280  6101901090 Men’s or boys’ overcoats, capes, wind-cheaters, anoraks, wind-jackets, carcoats, cloak and similar articles, of wool or fine animal hair, knitted or crocheted 毛制针织或钩编其他男大衣、斗篷、防风衣等;包括防寒短上衣、防风短上衣、短大衣、短斗篷及类似品

    No.6883  5601300010 Textile fibres spinned by two or more organic polymer, cross-section is structure of skin-core or parallel or island, of a length not exceeding 5mm 由两种或以上有机聚合物纺制的纤维;横截面为皮芯结构或并列结构或海岛结构,长度不超过5mm

    No.9391  7216210000 L sections, of a height of less than 80mm(not further worked than hot-rolled ,hot-drawn or extruded) 截面高度<80mm角钢;除热加工外未经进一步加工



    No.11161  8471703090 Other CD-ROM drives (CD-ROM drives for automatic data processing equipments) 其他光盘驱动器;自动数据处理设备的光盘驱动器

    No.4707  4017001090 Hard rubber in all forms 各种形状的硬质橡胶;

    No.2804  2916190012 Kinoprene 烯虫炔酯;


    No.4470  3911900004 Poly (p-phenylene sulfide) 聚苯硫醚;

    No.3187  2929903000 Dialkyl(Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr)N, N-dialkyl(Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr)-phosphoramidates 二烷氨基膦酸二烷酯;其中烷基指甲、乙、正丙或异丙基


    No.11041  8461500010 Irradiated-component cutting machine tools (cutting the fuel claddings to make the irradiated nuclear materials to melt down, with a remote control) 辐照元件刀具切割机;切割燃料包壳以使辐照核材料能溶解(含遥控设备)


    No.4725  4101902010 Other whole raw hides and skins of endangered equine animals (including butts, bends and bellies) 其他濒危生野马皮;包括整张或半张的背皮及腹皮



    No.12688  9021400000 Hearing aids, excluding parts and accessories 助听器,不包括零件、附件;

    No.12942  9305990000 Parts and accessories of Other articles of headings No.93.02 to 93.04 其他武器的零件、附件;指品目9302至9304所列其他物品的零件

    No.8010  6203230099 Other men’s or boys’ ensembles of synthetic fibres 其他合纤制其他男式便服套装;

    No.9516  7304291000 Other casing and tubing of a kind used in drilling for oil or gas, of a yield strength <552 MPa 屈服强度<552兆帕的其他钻探石油及天然气用的套管及导管;铸铁的除外



    No.8242  6204690093 Women’s or girls’ trousers, breeches and shorts of other textile materials, cotton limit in 其他材料制女式长裤、马裤、短裤;棉限内

    No.12802  9031499010 CD quality online and offline detectors 光盘质量在线检测仪及离线检测仪;


    No.3612  2937290027 7-keto-DHEA 7-羰基-普拉睾酮;


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