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• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.5446  4905100000 Globes 地球仪、天体仪;

    No.7117  5903202040 Imitation leather of cotton fabrics, impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with polyurethane, bleached, dyed or printed, containing 50% or more by weight of printed fabric 聚氨基甲酸酯浸渍的棉织物人造革;聚氨基甲酸酯涂布,包覆层压,漂染印织物≥50%

    No.8596  6217109041 Clothing accessories of silk, not knitted or crocheted, containing 70% or more by weight of silk 丝制服装或衣着附件;指非针织非钩编,含丝70%及以上

    No.8234  6204690016 Other women’s trousers, breeches of artificial fibres 人纤制女式其他长裤、马裤;

    No.7960  6202139040 Women’s or girls’ hooded parka, of man-made fibres, containing less than 36% by weight of wool or fine animal hair, including wind-cheaters,wind-jackets and similar articles 化纤制女式连风帽派克大衣;含羊/动物细毛<36%,含带风帽防寒上衣、防风衣及类似品

    No.2954  2921229000 Hexamethylenediamine and its salts [other than hexamethylene adipamide (nylon-66 salt )] 六亚甲基二胺及其他盐;

    No.9161  7101211090 Other cultured pearls, uagraded and unworked, semi-manufactured 其他未分级,未加工的养殖珍珠;未制成制品



    No.3791  3004201911 Cefalexin and Ceftiofur sodium formulations , veterinary, put up in measured doses or in forms of packings for retail sale 兽用已配剂量的头孢氨苄,头孢噻呋钠制剂;包括零售包装的制成品


    No.8181  6204399013 Women’s or girls’ jackets and blazers of artificial fibres, industrial and occupational use 人纤制女式上衣;工业及职业用

    No.11516  8509801000 Floor polishers 地板打蜡机;

    No.6419  5408249000 Other woven fabrics of artificial filament yarn, printed, containing 85% or more by weight of artificial filament or strip or the like 其他印花人纤长丝,扁条机织物;按重量计人造纤维长丝、扁条或类似品含量≥85%

    No.1278  1212299000 Other 其他不适合供人食用的鲜、冷、冻或干海草及藻类;不论是否碾磨



    No.3019  2922192900 Other N, N-Dialkyl aminoethanol and corresponding protonated salts 其他二烷氨基乙-2-醇及质子化盐;烷基指正丙或异丙基


    No.8003  6203199093 Men’s or boys’ suits of other textile materials (man-made fibres limit in) 其他材料制男式西服套装;化纤限内

    No.1053  1001110090 Durum wheat for seed(out-of-quota) 种用硬粒小麦;配额外



    No.8148  6204199093 Women’s or girls’ suits of other textile materials,man-made fibres limit in 其他材料制女式西服套装;化纤限内

    No.8557  6214209000 Shawls, scarves, mufflers of other wool or fine animal hair, including mantillas,veils and the like 其他动物细毛制披巾、头巾、围巾及类似品;包括披纱、面纱等

    No.3945  3105300010 Diammonium hydrogenorthophosphate (diammonium phosphate), in-quota 磷酸氢二铵;配额内



    No.2347  2843290090 Other silver compounds, whether or not chemically defined 其他银化合物;不论是否已有化学定义

    No.6375  5407910093 Other unbleached or bleached cloth of synthetic fibres, mixed, containing 36% or more of wool or fine animal hair, and less than 85% of synthetic fibres 未漂白或漂白的其他混纺印染用布;合成纤维长丝含量在85%以下,与其他纤维混纺

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