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Import Supervision of China  
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• Necessary documentations required by China Customs and China Entry-exit Inspection Quarantine Bureau (CIQ)
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  • Import Commodity Customs Supervision and CIQ Inspection Requirements:
  • No. HS Code Commodity English Name Commodity Chinese Name Customs Supervision Code CIQ Inspection Code Application Guide
    No.12750  9027809100 Exposure meters 敦高燕;

    No.6026  5212150029 Other woven fabrics of cotton, mixed with other fibres, printed, weighing not more than 200 g/O, containing 36% or more by weight of wool or fine animal hair 咫雑凪麿詞慶筑下;耽峠致嶷+200針,嚥36%式參和凪麿剪谷/強麗聾谷詞慶

    No.10427  8418612010 Heat pumps for compression-type refrigerating units (cooled to+23K, and heat elimination150W, with hydrogen and helium as their media) 儿抹塀崙絶字怏議犯叡;初嵎葎狽、困議辛絶抜欺+23K拝電犯>150W


    No.8336  6207999091 Men¨s or boys¨ vest type singlets, of other textile materials 凪麿可創崙槻塀坪丗塀嘘伉;



    No.11172  8472902900 Other stapling machines used in office 凪麿廾匡喘一巷片字匂;

    No.6055  5212230019 Other cloth of cotton, dyed, mixed with other fibres, weighing more than 200 g/O, containing 36% or more by weight of combed wool or fine animal hair 半弼議凪麿詞慶筑下;耽峠致嶷>200針,嚥36%式參和娼捕剪谷、強麗聾谷詞慶

    No.8762  6304913931 Other non hand-worked crocheted furnishing articles of silk, containing 85% or more by weight of silk 某崙掲返垢抗園議凪麿廾蔑崙瞳;根某85%式參貧

    No.6039  5212210040 Plain cloth of cotton, unbleached, weighing more than 200 g/O, mixed with other fibres other than man-made fibres 隆働易凪麿詞慶筑字岶峠下;耽峠致嶷>200針,嚥晒亘參翌凪麿亘略詞慶

    No.3605  2937290019 Methenolone, methandriol(including 17α-methyl-17β-hydroxy estrogen-4, 9, 11- triene-3-ketone) 胆紋典霜;胆俛桓;淫凄胆爆鴎霜


    No.7297  6102300039 Women¨s or girls¨ knitted or crocheted raincoats of man-made fibres 晒亘崙寞岶賜抗園溺塀嚏丗;

    No.3806  3004320015 Single preparation with 4-androstenediol and ethylestrenol, including their derivatives and structural analogues, put up in measured doses, packings for retail sale 厮塘質楚根4-俛路屈桓賜厰監路桓議汽圭崙質;淫凄凪几伏麗式潤更窃貌麗,淫凄巣弁淫廾


    No.5652  5206120000 Single yarn, of uncombed fibres, not put up for retail sale, measuring less than 714.29 decitex but not less than 232.56 decitex(exceeding 14 metric number but not exceeding 43 metric number), containing less than 85% by weight of cotton 掲巣弁間捕嶄屶詞慶筑汽百;嶄屶峺汽百聾業壓232.56-714.29蛍蒙岻寂,根筑楚85%

    No.8236  6204690021 Women¨s or girls¨ bib and brace overalls, of silk 某崙溺塀擦俟嘘揮垢廾帥;

    No.12462  8903910090 Other sailboats, with or without auxiliary motor 凪麿繰巻;音胎頁倦廾嗤絹廁窟強字

    No.4200  3702530000 Other film for colour photography(polychrome), unexposed, of a width exceeding 16mm but not exceeding 35mm and of a length not exceeding 30m, for slides 暫菊頭喘隆敦高科弼父唹什壌;16mm<錐業+35mm,海業+30m

    No.7086  5901909210 Tracing cloth, buckram and similar stiffened textile fabrics, used for hat foundations, mixed with polyester staple fibres and cotton, containing 50% or more by weight, bleached, dyed, printed 詔ザ模睦訝淹豬綴麗崙宙夕下;根単戦啣劃窃貌啣勇慶岶麗,岶麗嶷−50%将働半咫

    No.9419  7219131900 Other rolled products of stainless steel, of a thickness of 3mm or more but not exceeding 4.75mm, (not further worked than hot-rolled ,hot-drawn or extruded,of a width of 600mm or more) 3mm+搾4.75mm隆将磨牢議凪麿犯奩音倨菰壌医;茅犯奩翌隆将序匯化紗垢錐業−600mm



    No.7125  5903209090 Other textile fabrics, impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with other plastics 喘詔葦児遮磨ソ徼議凪麿慶岶麗;淫凄喘詔葦児遮磨ネ寝,淫顕賜蚊儿議

    No.6129  5309212023 Cloth of flax for printing and dyeing, mixed with cotton and man-made fibres, bleached, containing less than 85% by weight of flax, cotton limit in 働易議詞慶冉醍字岶咫半喘下;冉醍根楚壓85%參和,嚥筑式晒亘詞慶,筑淞

    No.3292  2932209012 Gibberellic acid 橿湛磨;


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