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China HS Classification China Tariffs Customs Declaration Landed Cost Calculator
  • Step 1. Choose Applicable Tariff and Tax:
  • Import Tariff & Tax Item Rate Applicable Country
    General Duty 0.0% Non-MFN
    MFN Duty 0.0% Most-favored Nation
    MFN Interim Import Duty 0.0% Annul Interim Duty for MFN
    FTA_Duty 00%~0.0% FTA Duty Search
    LDCs Preferential Tariff 0.0% Low Developed Country
    Import Consumption Tax  0.0% All Countries
    Import VAT 0.0% All Countries
     China Retaliatory Tariff on USA 0.0% China retaliatory tariff against the United States enforced on Sep. 2018, because of the trade conflict with the Trump administration.
    Note: If such countries are classified to multi-tariff class, then the lowest import duty rate is suitable.(Except for retaliatory tariffs)
  • Step 2.Input Country, Tariffs & $ CIF :
  • Country of Origin
    Duty Rate is depend on Country of Origin;auto default from EU export to China
    Applicable Duty Rate
    Auto Default Most-favored Nation (MFN) Duty, you can input Applicable Duty Rate manually; For example, if Duty rate is 5.5%, you need input 0.055
    Goods CIF Value USD
    CIF Value is the China Customs Benchmark tariffing value of your imported goods , Include cost of Freight and insurance; Auto default $100.00, You can input your actually CIF value manually for Landed Cost calclation.
  • Step 3. Landed Cost Calculation Result:
  • Tariff & Tax Item Rates Tariff Amount (USD)
    Import Duty 0.00% $ 0.00
    Consumption Tax  0.00% $ 0.00  
    Import VAT 0.00% $ 0.00 
    Total Tariff 0.00% $ 0.00