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HS code 7505110000 Customs Tariff Duty Tax Calculator of China

HS code 7505110000
Article English Name Nickel bars, rods, profiles , of nickel, not alloyed 
Article Chinese Name 歓程訳、庫、侏可;

  • Import Tariff and Landed Cost Calculation:
  • Step 1.Select the Commodity's Country of Origin
  • Country of Origin: Duty Rate is depend on Country of Origin.
    From : "" Importing to "China"

  • Step 2. Choose Applicable Tariff and Tax:
  • Import Tariff & Tax Item Rates Applicable ? Applicable Country
    General Duty 14.00%
    One of the applicable rate
    Non-MFN Applicable
    MFN Duty 6.00% Most-favored Nations
    2016 MFN Interim Import Duty 2016 Annul Interim Duty for MFN
    FTA Conventional Duty 0~6.00% Free Trade Area Duty Lookup
    LDCs Preferential Duty 0% Least Developed Countries
    Import Consumption Tax  0.00% All Countries Applicable
    Import VAT 17.00% All Countries Applicable
    Note: If exporting country is classified to multi-tariff class, then the lowest import duty rates is Applicable.

  • Step 3.Input Applicable Duty Rate and Goods CIF Value (USD):
  • Applicable Duty Rate:    % Auto Default Most-favored Nation (MFN) Duty, you can input Applicable Duty Rate manually.
    Goods CIF Value: $ CIF Value is the China Customs Benchmark tariffing value of your imported goods , Include cost of Freight and insurance; Auto default $100,000, You can input your actually CIF value manually for Landed Cost calclation.
  • Step 4. Goods Import to China Tariff and Taxes Calculation Result (USD):
  • Tariff & Tax Item Rates Tariff Amount (USD) Tariff Calculating Formula 
    Import Duty 6.00% $ 6,000.00 Custom Duty=CIF * Import Duty Rate%
    Consumption Tax  0.00% $ 0.00   Consumption Tax= [(CIF + Customs Duty) /(1-Consumption Tax Rat%)] * Consumption Tax Rate%
    Import VAT 17.00% $ 18,020.00  VAT=(CIF+Duty+Consumption Tax) * VAT Rate%
    Total Tariff 24.02% $ 24,020.00 This is total Tariff that need to be paid to china customs, but not include the CIQ inspection & quarantine charge and Port Dock cost.

    Tariff Duty Tax Calculator Output PDF Report Print Report

    Important Notice:  All the information, data and documents above are only for reference. We promises to collect and edit them in due care but not be liable for their correctness and accuracy. In case of any discrepancy, authorities official versions and interpretations shall prevail.
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